Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Batik Update

Tim was away in Calgary this week for a conference so I was able to rearrange my livingroom furniture and layout my batik quilt blocks. It was nice to be able to leave them on the floor for a few days while I arranged and rearranged the blocks until I was satified with the layout.  They are all sewn together now and I just need to get the borders on.  Problem is I only have the outer border so I might just have to dye some fabric this week to make an inner border. Any suggestions as to what color to aim for??  I haven't dyed anything in this color tone before so it might take a few tries to get something that will be suitable.  I want to dye the fabric for the backing too.


  1. Kathy, this quilt is absolutely gorgeous. I knew it would be special when I first saw the fabrics but this exceeds my expectations. Is there enough of the right tones for a chocolate brown narrow inner border? I don't recall quite what you had selected for the outer border. What have you planned for the backing? A monocromatic marble or were you going to experiment with multiple dyeings? Tim is going to be surprised when he gets home. Happy quilting. A

  2. Hi Kathy, your batik quilt is stunning! I think a dark border and backing would be simply striking...perhaps that plum color? If you use a light colored thread on the front and back it would be super pretty and reversible too.

  3. Kathy, I love this pattern, you are doing a wonderful job, isn't it surprising how much more work you can do when left to your own devices...I would like to see a border with maybe a thin accent strip in the darker blue and then a mix of the dusky pink and chocolate brown...but I am sure whatever you choose it will be great!

    Best wishes
    Kay in Scotland