Monday, May 17, 2010


I originally thought I got the short end of the stick on this fabric bundle when Lori and I were divided up our fat quarter winnings.  But I think I have changed my mind on this one.  I know I would not have used this fabric on a bed quilt for myself but it really does make a cool baby quilt.  Actually I pieced three baby quilt top out of the 10 Krakow fat quarters and here is the first on quilted.
It really coordinates nicely with the kids playfort!!  Yah, a new place to take pictures.


  1. Hi Kathy,

    It's been a while since I've had a chance to peek in and see what you're up to. I really love your quilt photos taken outside in various locations. They just look soooo good! The blues in this baby quilt are really pretty, what a great job you do!

    The Fantasia panto is very yummy. I have such a soft spot for feathers and this one is just so pretty!

    Your batik quilt is really stunning. I'm like you, I love to play with the blocks for a few days until I'm satisfied. Each time you look, you see something different, don't you.

    I've heard of putting wax on the rails too, but I'm so worried I'll mess things up and cause a problem. What type of polish did you use?

    That lavender quilt is just soooo sweet. Your freehand is so amazing. I'm still PPP'ing and hoping some day mine will look like that!

    I tried QD Cotton batting yesterday for the first time and it was really lovely. I'm thinking I would like to try the blend though. And I've got one of my own quilts that I'd like to try the QD wool batting. Have you used it before?

    You were right on the money with the lines on the modern quilt. Perfect! Nice dock too! LOL!

    Okay, the dune buggy! They totally freak me out. My son is 32 and I'd probably still have a fit if he drove one. LOL! But boys just love them, don't they.

    How do you keep your E's & 3's so evenly spaced. Amazing!

    And I don't see any wibbles or wobbles on your Project Linus quilt! And yes, it would also be spectacular on Asian fabrics. Really beautiful!

    You do amazing work and deserve the summer to do your own thing. Have fun in the kayak, my friend.


  2. *wiggling fingers on keyboard to loosen them up before tempting to answer all Linda's questions* :)
    Hi Linda,
    Thank you for all the wonderful compliments, I am really enjoying my quilt photography in the yard, that in it's self have become a new hobby!
    I just used a wood furniture wax polish called UV3. Using a rag just put a tiny bit on the tip of your finger and rub that along the rail. I was also afraid it would guck everything up but it doesn't.
    I have quilted one quilt with wool and it was wonderful to work with and looks soooooo good. It has a great loft and make for a nice light quilt. I have 4 packages if any one of my clients want to try it!!!
    I dune buggy is much safer than a quad! Easier to steer and more stable. The five point harness seltbelts and roll bar are huge saftey factors in the decesion to buy it. We took it to the big sand pits this weekend and had some fun!
    Thanks for visiting my quilty world and letting me know you stopped by!

  3. CUTE! I love quilts with lots of white in the background. And it looks great with a stipple!

  4. So you're out on location????

    Best Wishes
    Kay in Scotland

  5. Thanks Brandi! I'm really happy with how this one turned out.
    LOL Kay!! I scouted for this spot all day long!

  6. See, I LOVE those fabulous bright blues and greens, I would never have thought that was the short end of the made them come alive and look amazing! L-O-V-E white in quilts, it just makes the colors pop!

  7. Hey Kathy, I just love the blues on the baby quilt! It is gorgeous! Very cool and refreshing! Good job!

    Let me know how the waxing holds up-if you have to do it lots, or if it stays. I am sure that is the feeling of "bliss" I was tellling you about!@ Great quilts!
    Monica from the states

  8. Thanks Kathy, I seem to be on a new white fabric kick these days even though the practical side of me keeps thinking it's not a good idea. But they are ment to be washed right?
    Monica, I am really happy that I tried the wax. It has been a week and my machine still glides so smoothly and I haven't cleaned the rails yet. You should give it a try on your Mille.