Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Krakow #2 and #3

I got busy on Monday and finished the two other baby quilts.   One I just did straight line quilting and the other I used pantograph called Drip.   I thought this was a really fun panto, love the swirls and feather shapes combined.
So yesterday was Guild Day and it was my first meeting in my new role as president.   I was told afterwards that my 'ankles looked sturdy' while I was chairing the meeting so I didn't show my nerves.   If I knew people were watching my ankles I would have been less nervous and even worn an anklet!
One of my concerns with taking on this role was that fact I can't raise my voice to get attention.  I know that sounds dumb but it is true...have you ever heard me talk loud??  I yelled at my kids once (okay maybe twice) and I had a sore throat for a week! I just can't do it.  So when Audrey suggested I just stand and raise my hand to get attention....a teachers trick...I thought it was worth a try.  I was shocked it worked so quickly.  Within 5 seconds people were either looking at me with there hands raised or looking with great confusion like they missed something and didn't know what they were voting for.   Don't know if it will have that same power again next time...might have to get even more creative.
For the last 12 years I have always learnt something new at each guild meeting .  This meeting....spray 3M on quilted placemats after washing them, prevents staining.  Also when doing paper piecing use one of those spiky rotary sewing wheels along the paper lines so you can see the lines from the back of the paper.  I just might start doing that!


  1. Lovely post. Your photos are getting more and more professional in their look. Do I need to encourage your business consultant? I do love that "Drip". I can see ducks in puddles or umbrellas with lots of drips all around them. Great job with the meeting last night. Didn't think I would be using that attention getting trick anymore. A

  2. Another trick is to turn the lights off and on! I'm sure you will do great!

  3. I love that panto, it's fun and I must say you are getting very artistic with your photographs!!!!!

    Best wishes
    Kay in Scotland

  4. Audrey...I'm sure you have more tricks up your sleeve, thanks for sharing them.
    Vivian,thanks for your idea, might just try that too.
    Thanks Kay, I have always loved taking pictures so it is fun to combine two hobbies.