Friday, March 16, 2012

Back to Nature

This is Marg's Back to Nature quilt, a 2010 Block of the month pattern by Wing and a Prayer Designs.

She asked for Dream Wool batting and chose Ground Cover for the panto design.

I took this pictures in the morning when the top of the snow was still frozen hard.  The snow top is bumpy ...not the quilt :)

When I was taking the photo of the quilt on my deck railing I had to walk through knee deep snow.  The top layer of the snow is icy from melting during the warm days and as a kid sometimes I was able to walk on top of this kind of snow but I can't anymore!  That was always fun as you never knew with each step if you would stay on top or drop through that top snow crust and get a boot full of I did taking these pictures!


  1. Gorgeous quilt...I can totally relate to breaking through the icy layer on the snow...can break-up finally be on it's way? We've had a week of sunny days and there has been a little melting...and of course also a little more snow...but I'm sure it's mostly melting from now on.

  2. Beautiful job - I love the way wool batting quilts up!