Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Mexican Star

This is Lynn Mexican Star quilt.  I just love this pattern and have made it for myself, you can see mine here.

I was doing a lot of 'Sit and Stare' with this one so I showed it to Desley and she suggested quilting leaf designs as the batik fabrics have a leaf print. So with that idea to get me going I quilted free hand leaf motifs in the different pieced areas of the background fabric.

I think the key to quilting this one is to keep the quilting density even so it will lay flat as it is a wall hanging.

I was tempted to do small dense background fill but very glad I didn't.

If you have come across my blog post looking for Mexican Star quilting ideas then I will direct you to a post on a friends blog that has what I think is the best quilting I have ever seen on his pattern here!


  1. Had to pin this one, Kathy. The quilting is just beautiful! It's amazing how the quilting can change the entire look of the pattern. I especially love the viney swirls in the corners... they make the flying geese (?) look like a fountain.

  2. Gorgeous!!! LOVE all the freehand leaf motifs!!! You did a beautiful job filling the spaces.

  3. I love how you quilted this. Large flower shapes are wonderful.

  4. Oh fun Kathy! I like what you did with that, it's always fun to see what others quilt on same quilts.

  5. lets see if I can do this, got on Lori's