Thursday, March 1, 2012

We are Experiencing Some Technical Difficulties...BLAH!

It has been 5 days since we have had internet service at home and so I have been pouting all week. I'm not sure who has been pouting more me or my teenage son!  On Sunday we were suppose to get an upgrade on our service and ended up with no internet at all!  It was a total failure so we are now in a waiting game with the company to get it fixed.  I am at my friend's house right now using her internet as we still do not have service!
So that being said I have had a lot of time to here are a few pictures of what I have been working on since I have all this new found 'free-time'

I made three fleece throws to sell at our quilt show. Two are feathered and one has a music panto... just to be different.

The music panto is called Musica.

I also finished Am's quilt, this is one of her first quilts and was done beautifully.

The panto I used is called Floral Chain.

Hope to be back online soon.


  1. Hope you get your service back soon! That is a real bummer:(

    The fleece blankets are so NICE looking and soft!!

  2. I was missing your posts, sorry to hear you are having internet issues. It is amazing how we depend on all of this technology! Hope you are up and running soon, I would go crazy with internet!!
    Karen H
    Love love love your fleece blankets, they look so cozy!

  3. Good to hear all is well!!! Although no Internet is horrendous!! I feel your pain! I was missing you! Love the throws. They look great quilted! What an easy gift!!! We're they hard to quilt?

  4. Yeah, I'd sure be pouting without internet all week! Working at home, it's my connection to other people. Feel totally cut off when it's down.

  5. The colours in Am's log cabin quilt are lovely. Hope the internet is fixed soon.

  6. No Internet service, I feel for you! Creighton was without power for several hours on Tuesday, couldn't do anything except sit in the dark or go to bed. The fleece blankets are gorgeous, you would "never" buy anything this good at a store. Love the quilt and the panto. C

  7. Poor you, life without the 'world wide web' is so boring isn't it, I have intermittent lapses with our connection quite often, but I can watch the Quilt Show even on a slow connection, FYI....on a happier note your quilts look great!