Sunday, March 25, 2012

Fresh Snow!

So here are the results of yesterdays snow dyeing.   I used Slate on one fabric and Slate and Orange on the second fabric.  Lori said she has been having great results with Slate and orange so I though I would give it a try too.   I really like how the orange blended with the blue and think I will try this again with less orange. 

And here is the 'official' snow measurement for the last few days. If you can't read the ruler it says 7".


  1. The fabric is beautiful and the snow is beautiful too! What's the most snow you get through out the winter?

  2. That snow looks lovely, although you must be so cold....

  3. I love looking at your snow dye fabrics! They are always so inspiring. We don't get enough snow to try it, but I'm going to try fabric dying anyway. I'm excited to try it. Love your work!