Sunday, September 30, 2012

Mini Holiday and More Dyeing

My blog has been quiet this week as I spent the last couple of days visiting my good friend Lori and we had a great time!  We dyed fabric, went on a road trip to a quilt shop, and got to play on her new longarm.  I also gave her a photography lesson and you can check out her photos on her quilt blog here.  

Here are a few pictures of what we dyed.  First our brown experiments using orange and blue dyes as well as brown and blue dyes. 

Then our purple experiments as we had new dye colors to play with since we last got together to dye.

And then some more random combinations that we wanted to try.

We had a very successful shopping trip to a quilt shop in Plumas, MB.  Kickass Country Store was having a Birthday sale and all their fabrics were $10/m....and batiks are usually $16 to $18 so I stocked up.
Also picked up Angela Walters new quilting book as I was finally able to flip through it and she has a few designs that I would like to try. I don't get a lot of Modern quilts but it is good to be prepared :)

When I was giving Lori her photography lesson I realized she had an element in her yard I didn't so took advantage of this opportunity to take pictures of my purchases...I don't have a cement driveway!  :)


  1. Fabrics look wonderful, wish I could have been with you guys. You stepped out of your comfort zone a little with the red batik???What do you have planned?

  2. I love the colors that you came up with! Especially the browns and oranges, I am a earth tone kinda girl! I love Angela Walters new book, some great ideas I also have her online course thru Craftsy, this is also a great site.

  3. Fabric dyeing, playing on a new longarm, photography lessons, successful trip to a quilt shop ... you gals were busy, busy, busy BUT it "looks" like you had a great time!
    All the fabric looks wonderful and I can hardly wait to see what creative work they inspire.

  4. Like I said in a previous comment, your landscape looks so much alike the one over here! And the same season too :-) Love Autumn and the beautiful colors. I hope to go for a walk and take a few photos, and post them on my blog, so you can see how similar it is :-)
    Lovely fabrics! Looking forward to see what you'll be making of them!