Sunday, September 9, 2012


I am keeping up with my Just Takes Two blocks, here are Sept 1st blocks.

I have a beautiful Lone Star quilt on my machine right now but it has presented me with a few challenges.  My client made this quilt in a class and told me it was the first quilt she ever made.  I couldn't imagine making a Lone Star quilt for my first quilt so I expected it to have a few issues. 

First I decided to float the top which I never normally do but it allows me to have better control of the top. 

I have also been quilting one handed so I can manipulate the fabric as I quilt with my other hand.  

I have to confess I am really enjoying this quilt and no longer have fears of making a few pleats or tucks when needed.   I am also feeling really good that I can help my client finished this quilt as she had it stored away for many years since she didn't have the confidence/experience to quilt it.  That is one of the things I love about my job, helping other finish their projects that they worked so hard to make.

I can hardly wait to finish this one and show my client. I think she will be pleasantly surprised with how her quilt top has be transformed!


  1. You are absolutely is best that this quilt get done. It looks gorgeous.

  2. It looks great Kathy. I had a "manipulator" last week & got too close to the hopping foot &lost a hunk of my finger!

  3. Kathy, you have done a beautiful job, the feathers look gorgeous. I am sure that your client will love the quilt, hope to see pictures when you have finished.

  4. It looks gorgeous. She will be very pleased.

  5. Wow that is looking amazing. Quilting sure does make the quilt. A quilt I stitched one recently had very "friendly" (waving) borders. I did alot of big stitch basting through those areas and amazingly they behaved well when I quilted them.
    I bet your client will be blown away when she sees her quilt

  6. Hi Kath! Yup, total transformation! How gorgeous, your client will love her quilt. I had to smile at the one-handed capabilities using your Bliss! I remember you saying your old rails would never allow you to do that. Yay! This quilt really deserved to be finished. I can hardly wait to see it when it's all done! Quilt On! ;-)