Sunday, September 23, 2012

Split Decision Quilt

This is Michele's batik quilt and the pattern is called Split Decision by Deirdre Brown.
She asked for the Butterfly Charm panto and I used a soft green Lava thread that blended really nice with all the colorful batiks.

We had another misty morning so I borrowed my husband camera and practiced taking pictures of the dew using the manual focus. I love my point and shoot camera but sometimes it just doesn't focus well on the close up shots. 
Here are a couple of pictures that turned out well.

This spider web is only about 3 inches across.


  1. Aren't spider webs gorgeous!!
    The dew makes them even more beautiful!!
    Nice pics...
    Lovely quilt also :)

  2. Замечательные фотографии макросъемкой. Стежка очень красивая. Необычные бабочки.