Friday, September 21, 2012

Shadow Box Quilt

This is Robin's Shadow Box quilt which is a pattern from Mountainpeek Creations.
The fabrics are all autumn colored batiks so I decided to quilt a leaf themed motif in the rectangles. I didn't want to completely fill the rectangles and came up with a tapered design to the motif. I matched the thread colors to the fabrics so had 7 thread changes and used Lava threads which blend beautifully with batiks.

Once I finished quilting all the rectangles I went back and did the curls in the sashing in So Fine thread.

Here it is on my bed and you can see the quilting doesn't overpower the piecing when indoors.

It was very windy this morning so I couldn't get a picture of it hanging on my deck so took pictures at Robins off her second floor railing when I dropped it off this morning. 

Oh and this is how Robin paid me....homemade perogies....lots and lots and lots of yummy perogies!!
Robin is a fantastic cook and since I am not this is a great trade!!


  1. Very interesting Leaf it!

    Can I ask 'what are perogies?'

    Kay in Scotland

  2. Your quilting is so makes the quilt for me!

  3. The leaf design (I see ferns) is inspirational. Absolutely fantastic.

  4. I love the quilting, the leaf pattern almost looks fossilized, very cool!

  5. WOW. Your quilt and the quilting is amazing.

  6. Now I know what perogies are I would have gladly traded too. I really like the leaf design you did.