Monday, March 1, 2021

African Quilt

Marlene sent me this fabulous quilt that she hand pieced!  She didn't use a pattern but based the design on Penrose Tile work.  Here is Marlene's quilt story in her own words.  "For 10 years, my husband and I travelled to Africa to do humanitarian work with Mercy Ships. Each year I made a point of going to the market to buy more souvenir fabric. So this quilt came together slowly and there are so many memories attached. If it weren’t for Covid, we would probably be back for our annual trip right now." 

The fabrics are all waxed African prints.  The colours are so rich and the print designs so unique.

 I quilted it with a pantograph that recently purchased called Ombre, the design reminds me of zebra strips.  Used black So Fine thread and Quilters Dream Blend batting.

The backing Marlene sent was also a waxed fabric and I just love this bold oversized floral print. 

One of my favorite parts of quilting for others is having quilts like this one arrive in my studio.  Quilts that hold memories and have been years in the making.  I feel privileged to help finish in its journey to becoming a quilt.

Last night the Northern Lights made an appearance in our neighbourhood for the first time in 2 years. I think the solar minimum is finally at an end and we will be seeing an increase in the aurora in the coming years.  I took these photos from my driveway!

Then I drove down the road to get away from the streetlights. The aurora was dancing as I drove but as soon as I got to the old train station they disappeared pretty quickly.  

This next picture was looking straight west so was surprised to see this lighter band so far south.


  1. What a treasure this quilt is! And hand pieced with no pattern!! Beyond impressive, Marlene!

  2. WOW! That is a truly AMAZING quilt! The Northern Lights are amazing too. Consider yourself very lucky!

  3. Stunning! Absolutely stunning. My friend has given me a bunch of waxed African fabric. I am not sure about sewing it. Do you use special needles or thread?

    1. Marlene said she prewashed all the fabrics to prevent bleeding. That softened the fabrics so no need for special thread or needles.

    2. Thanks so much...I think I will give it a try😀👍

  4. That quilt is fantastic! Huge kudos for keeping at it over that length of time. It's so beautiful! Thank you for the Northern lights photos! I've missed seeing those, they are just magical and I appreciate you sharing them!