Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Laundry Basket Designs 2021 Mystery Quilt

Gail participated in Laundry Basket Quilts 2021 Mystery quilt and she used bright batiks from her stash to make this gorgeous quilt! You can find the instructions for this project on Laundry Basket Quilts website.  I quilted it with Fanciful Flyers pantograph, off white So Fine thread and used Quilter Dream white 80/20.

She added her own border design and the outer border fabric is a hummingbird print!

We have been enjoying a beautiful fall!  Last two days have been record breaking temperatures of 28'c which is rare for this time of year here. Flowers are all still in bloom and ones that were done in August have rebloomed! 

I just saw this was my 1500 post for my blog!  12 years of blogging, that's a lot of quilts!


  1. That is a huge amount of quilting. Wow! This quilt is pretty, bright and I love the pattern.

  2. That is a gorgeous quilt and it is amazing how long you have been blogging! So glad you share your amazing work with us as well as your pictures. They are truly magnificent! I love reading your blog and I hope you keep blogging for a long time to come! K-

  3. Glad to have my quilt as a milestone for you. Here's hoping we're both here for the next. 2000?

  4. Lovely quilt. I did the same one using scraps. I love the border design and fabric she used.