Friday, September 3, 2021

Winter Solstice Quilt #2

Well September is here and I have my first client quilt to share since my summer break.  Stacey brought me this lovely Winter Solstice quilt which is a pattern by Holly Holderman. You can find the pattern to purchase at this link

Stacey requested Wool batting so I ordered a King size Quilters Dream Wool for her as her quilt top is 101" x116".   The thread is a light grey So Fine and the pantograph design is Fascination.

I had a fun encounter with a porcupine a few days ago and got some great pictures!  My husband saw it walking in the field beside our house when he got home from work so I grabbed my camera and followed it.  What a cutie!

He climbed a tree when he saw me approach, I had my zoom lens so didn't have to get too close.  When I shared these photos on Instagram I was surprised at how many people didn't realize that porcupines climb trees!  They are excellent climbers as tree bark is their main food source in the winter.


  1. Beautiful quilt…nice and big. Love your shots of the porcupine.

  2. Beautiful quilt!! and I had no idea that porcupines climb trees either, he is a pretty guy! Happy Sewing ! from Iowa