Friday, January 25, 2013

Curve it Up – Log Cabin Block 7

Here is the next block in Curve it Up quilt along, the Log Cabin Block and you can find the instructions for it here.  Now I have to confess I didn’t make the block exactly like in Jenny’s instructions, I made an offset log cabin so I didn’t have to trim off the fabric on the light side.   The traditional quilter in me also prefers the dark fabric in the center as it is more balanced as you put all 4 block together, Jenny had the white block in the center.  I’m very happy with how it looks and it is almost the same as the Jenny’s original block.    I’m sure Jenny won’t be too upset that I modified her instructions to accommodate my Type A personality ;)


  1. Your block looks terrific. I think I'll follow your example when I do mine. Love your colors too.

  2. I really like this block. It's so fun watching the curvy-ruler blocks emerge.

  3. I'm only a little upset....upset, I didn't do it that way my self! ;o).