Friday, January 11, 2013

Bali Love Song #6


This is Sheri’s Bali Love Song quilt and it’s the third one I have quilted for her.  I have also quilted another three for clients hence the #6 in the title.    It is a beautiful pattern and you can find it free here.


I used the Wave On Wave panto by Patricia Ritter at Urban Elementz.



Batting is Quilters Dream Blend and Pink So Fine thread.


Sheri brought purple Minkie for the backing to make this a very cuddly lap quilt and shows off the quilting design nicely.


We have been getting a lot of snow so I’m very happy to finally see the blue sky again. But that means colder temperature so it was a chilly photo shoot today at –26’c with a –32’ windchill.



  1. Looks like a winter wonderland to me... love the last pic looking back from the lake! We are short on snow for the 2nd winter in a row... I want to look out my window at your landscape. Gorgeous quilt (as always!).

  2. The quilt is great and your pictures just amazing and I love the Panto.

  3. So pretty!!! I love the fabric shades! The quilting design you did is perfect for the quilt!!! A very nice complement. Yes, you DO have a lot-O-snow!!

  4. Kathy! All your quilts shocks me! This combination of colors! Such a choice of the blocks! Such a stitch! You - the great master! Thank you for your golden hands! Great job!(You should check the comments in the code. Not very convenient post. If you do not want it to be so, find on the internet, how to get rid of the code. I have been too, the girls wrote to get rid of checks.)

  5. Lovely:) Do you trim the quilts for the customer and then take photos? I am not happy with my customer photos, with excess fabric and batting hanging out.

  6. i absolutely love the photos taken are the dark ice...dramatic backdrop

  7. I just *love* how minky showcases quilting. :) This is a gorgeous quilt. Love that panto pattern

  8. Beautiful quilt and quilting , so nice to see it spread out on the lake , lovely scene!

  9. I reverted to the old blogger and changed my settings. Am I still a no-reply blogger or did it correct the problem. Here's my email just in case: Thanks!

  10. I love this panto and the minky. Your photos are so beautiful. I am not sure I could take the cold, but so very beautiful. It is very cold here today, too, only 17F right now!

  11. Love this quilt! I'm new to your blog so you may have posted this before, but do you have any tips on using the minky so it doesn't stretch while loading and/or quilting?

  12. Hi Michele,
    Your a 'no reply blogger' so I hope you'll see my answer here. The only thing I make sure I do with Minkie backs is pin the selvages to the leaders. The stretch of Minkie runs from selvage to selvage (crosswise grain) so by pinning that direction to the leaders there is even stretch and don't have the tension too tight, keep it a bit loose. When the crossgrain run across the frame then your stretching it with your side clamps unevenly and that is were you can get problems.
    Hope that helps!