Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Love Letters Quilt

This is John’s Love Letter’s quilt and is a Block of the Month pattern by This and That Patterns.   This quilt has a very romantic, traditional feel and was pieced beautifully.

John requested Quilters Dream Cotton Deluxe batting and we decided on using Double Plume for the panto. This panto added wonderful texture to the quilt top and once it is washed the cotton batting will give it a real heirloom look.
You might have noticed that my patch of ice is shrinking!  The weight of the snow banks around it have been acting like insulation and creating slush under the snow and it is slowly creeping onto the rink.  It is very common to walk out on the lake in the deep snow and encounter slush as the snow acts like a quilt on top of the ice.  The only reason my patch of ice is so clear is that I have keep it exposed to the cold air.   I’m hoping my little window into the lake last another month.

It was very windy out yesterday when I took these pictures…and my still-life photography turned into an action shot!

It actually flew right up and I caught it!! 


  1. Wow! Beautiful quilting. Love the look of the quilt too. Not sure I'd be confident going out onto that ice though. Starting to see more cracks!

  2. Beautiful quilt. I love the extra piecing in the corners of the border.

  3. This is my favorite! I love work you did on this piece. (Adore the piecing pattern) but love the quilting work. You made the quilt heirloom, if you ask me. Simply a word stealer!