Saturday, January 19, 2013

Perfect Ten

This is Marg’s Perfect Ten quilt that she made with an assortment of Asian print fabrics.  I like how she used black as the focus fabrics in the frames and border.

The panto is called Fantasia by Hermione Agee, the batting is Quilter’s Dream Puff and the thread a green So Fine.

The backing was a beautiful greenish brown Stonehenge that matched the top fabrics perfectly.

Another cold day up north and here is a view looking towards my neighbours cottage on the south side of our place.

I’m happy to report that all three winner of my Infinity Scarves have sent me their mailing addresses so I’ll be getting those in the mail to them on Monday. 


  1. The colours of the quilt are so great as the quilting!
    And your pictures - I always wish to have a calender full of your quiltpics, so awesome.

  2. Another beauty , and a perfect quilting pattern . I love the fact you get so much sun , we seldom see the sun this time of year and when we do I rejoice ;-)

  3. Really like the colors! I think you are right about the black fabrics. Really creates a focal point. Love the quilting too. Similar to Jenny's swirls, but a little different:)

  4. Absolutely stunning, have always liked the quilt, but didn't want a Christmas quilt. Good for you Marg, thinking outside the box. As usual Kathy, wonderful job.

  5. Yet another stunner! Your blog posts always make my day and make me wish I lived in Canada so you could do ALL of my quilts!

  6. The quilt turned out beautiful. I like that panto!
    The cracks in the ice is just so stunning! True art of nature :-)