Saturday, January 5, 2013

Me Time Almost Over

We are back from trip down to Winnipeg and the weather was good for traveling the 750kms.  It was nice to see friends and family again and of course I took this opportunity to do a bit of shopping.  The first thing was to find fabric for a new pattern I want to do this year,  Mod Pop by Julie Pickles Designs.  I am glad so many designers are selling their patterns in PDF form, much quicker to download than waiting for them in the mail.   I decided I wanted this one done in blues and planned to find fabrics that were not batiks but….the quilt shops that I visited didn't have a large selection of modern fabrics so I went with my usual favourite batiks. 

Then I found Terrain fabric in the 50% off section in one shop….jackpot!!   I grabbed a few to go with the bundle I won last month. Now I need to find a pattern to use and this will be another project for the new year.

While in Winnipeg we went to the new IKEA store that just opened last month and picked up my third ALEX cabinet that I use to store my threads, pantos, rulers and bags.   We put it together this morning and then Tim made me a few more dividers for my threads so the don’t roll around in the drawers. It’s great to have a handy husband!

alex1 bag
I would have to say though that the best purchase this trip was my Christmas present from Tim, he bought me a new camera!!  For the last couple of months I have been using his Canon EOS T3 and I love the quality of pictures it takes so he got me the Canon EOS T4i which has a few extra bells and whistles.  So this year I hope to really get a better grasp on taking quality pictures, especially indoor shots. I now need to make one of these.
Well once the boys go back to school on Monday I will start quilting for others again.   It was a great break and I finished a lot of project but I am now looking forward to getting back to work….LOL….how many people do you know that say that!!  I love my job!

Here is a sneak peek at the first quilt for January, it is a comfort quilt that our guild pieced after seeing my baby Chevron quilt.  This design makes a great scrappy quilt.


  1. Glad you had a nice trip! Yummy stuff you bought too. It's nice to have a good camera, I hope to get some photos from outdoors soon... It's raining over here, but it will be colder weather soon, so I hope to do some photography soon. Looking forward to see the quilt you will be making, and the one on the frame. It looks great!

  2. i love those ikea alex drawer units...i have one for my thread also...and jackpot for the fabric in the 50% off bin i love that line..

  3. Terrain 50% off! That's a treat, for sure. :)

  4. Beautiful quilt..and I love your sewing area layout.

  5. Oh yummy! Great fabrics! Looking forward to seeing what you do with them. Love those ikea units, they fit so nicely under your Millie too. I've been avoiding Ikea, crazy traffic! I was just showing Dave your thread drawers. Hmmmmm.... :-) Glad you are all home safe and sound.

  6. I just started reading your blog and I love it!! You inspire me with all the quilts you make!!

  7. I am new to your blog. So glad I came across it. Do you pin your quilts on?

  8. Hi Janis,
    Yes I do pin my quilts onto the leaders on my longarm. I actually enjoy the process so have never looked into buying the quick snap systems.

  9. Thanks for the great idea for Ikea units! I have two of the smaller cabinets for fabric paint, surface design tools, etc but now I have to have at least one of these for my longarm thread. Great to have another excuse to shop at Ikea! Thanks!

  10. Love the blue and gray fabrics. Exactly what I needed for a Winter Trees quilt and I couldn't find anything in my stash.

  11. Beautiful ideas here, thank you! What, exactly, was used to make your dividers in the Alex drawers? May you please share a close up pic when you can? I am asking my husband to make the same for me. Thank you!