Thursday, November 12, 2009

If You Bring A Quilt To Kathy...

She will probably give you a bag to take the quilt home in.
When you get home you will want to make another quilt.
So you'll search through your patterns
and find one you like.
When your done digging through your fabric stash you'll realize your one fabric short.
So you go online to your favorite fabric shop.
You'll find the right one and order it.
While waiting for the package to arrive you'll find a quilt top that you forgot all about.
You'll need it quilted.
And chances are if you bring a quilt to Kathy,
She will want to you bring it in the new bag she gave you.


  1. Great looking bags. That logo really looks impressive. As for your story writing abilities I think you could give Laura Joffe Numeroff a run for her money. I am sure there are enough suitable pictures around to quickly put this composition into book form!

  2. YAH!!!
    I knew a teacher would get it.
    Love Laura's books!

  3. SWEET!!! Love it.. Like the poem almost as much as the bag.. Sniff mine didn't come in a Kathy bag... So I'll have to send another top to be done..

  4. good thing those aren't maple trees around your shack- otherwise the pig would be looking for pancake syrup. glad i din't get my mystery quilt to you yet but better hurry before you run out!

  5. What luck! I'm taking two quilts Tuesday for quilting. The logo is very impressive on the bag. Great idea.