Friday, December 4, 2009

Batik Workshop

So I mentioned that I have been taking a Batik workshop this week.  It was held at the High School and they brought a teacher in from Winnipeg for the week long coarse for the Art students. About 10 additional adults were invited to join in and it was fun to go back to school ( but I definately felt old!)
I wasn't prepared with any design idea so I did a version of my Tamarack Shack logo.  I'm very happy with the finally result as you really don't know how it will turn out until you iron off the wax.  Now that I know what looks good  I would really like to give it another try with something more abstract.
Batiks have a translucent property so looks best with light behind, that is why it is taped to my window.

I handed in all my homework for my online quilt whisperer class and can sit back and see what others hand in.


  1. Impressive, Kathy. I am sure you enjoyed the creative process of batik. Doesn't it make the batiks we use in our quilting all the more awesome? I wouldn't be surprised that batik becomes another outlet for your creative talents. A

  2. Hey, I like your version of the Tamarack Shack... and your blending of the earth tone colors especially added to a very creative platform! We need to have this workshop at one of our guild meetings... would be fun!