Thursday, December 17, 2009

Folded Borders!

Here is Rae's quilt that I finished with the Flourish pantograph and my new Connecting Threads thread!  Bought a large cone of white to try and had no problems with it, no breakage and it quilted beautifully.   I can't remember the name of this fabric collection but I know it is a Mark Lipinski line as I have 11 fat quarters of it from the Northcott contest.   I think I need to find the butterfly border fabric Rae used and them maybe I can do something with my fabrics!
This quilt has a tiny white folded border and I was able to keep it from flipping on me as I quilted by basting it down using my needle up/down feature every half inch.   You can see the tiny holes in the border in the picture below where I pulled the basting stitches out.  Anyone have a trick to easily remove those holes without scratching at the fabric?  I"ll let Rae know as she has the quilt back!  :)
Well this cold weather has affected my Millie and I'm finding some drag on my machine in certain areas so I know it's not a problem with my wheels.  It gets down to 12'C in my shack with our -40'C nights so I"m sure that is effecting the metal in the table. Added an extra heater for when I'm working in there but do not want to leave it on when I'm not in there.
I have the guild's Vintage quilt on the frame right now, it's the one we rescued from being thrown out.  I'll post pictures when I'm done, probably this weekend.

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