Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Quilt

Here is Eileens Christmas/holiday quilt and as you can see I'm trying to be more creative with my picture taking ( maybe that should be my New Years Resolution).   It is a mystery project that she was working on from a quilting magazine, can't remember which one.  It is called Christmas Lights but I had no intention of quilting a string of christmas lights on it!  Those setting triangles were just calling for their own design.

I designed and free handed the holly and berries for the setting triangles, as well as the ribbon swirl for the red border.

I also designed the outside border with a smaller version of the holly and berries.
I used a bold King Tut varigated thread in greens, reds and golds.


  1. The quilt was a three part mystery project in this fall's issues of Quiltmaker. I too didn't like the lights and really love what Kathy did with it -- the holly quilting just pops out! I used scraps and no Christmas prints -- was trying to make it non- Christmas but it had a mind of its own and it talked to Kathy! I am more than happy with it and once the black binding goes on it will become a new Christmas tradition!! Eileen

  2. I like the new pattern in the red sashing:)!

  3. Beautiful looking quilt Eileen! Having just completed my first quilt, I can now appreciate the amount of work that goes into piecing; and then finishing. Whew, I can only hope to make one more by next Christmas. I really like your choice of colours!