Friday, December 18, 2009

Vintage Quilt

It is amazing what a little quilting can do to a quilt.  These blocks were bound for the garbage can but were given a second chance by the guild.   I was working at Faktor one day when an older woman came in and asked if anyone at the store would want these blocks.  They were given to her by a friend who bought them at a garage sale years ago and they had been sitting in her basement for years since then.  She was going to throw then out so I said I would bring then to the guild to see if anything could be done with them.  The blocks were half hand pieced and half machine and in relatively good shape.  The ladies at the guild worked there magic and pieced then into a pretty quilt.  But you'll have to indulge me here when I say I think the quilting has given this quilt that extra something special!

I quilted a feather wreath in all the blocks.

Quilted feathers in the setting triangles, simple lines in the sashing and a swirl feather design in the outside border.

Here is the back.


  1. Finally you have shown me some feathers I could live with!! I really like the feather wreath!! You may win me over yet!! E

  2. And I forgot to say how great this quilt looks! Wonderful magic once again!! E

  3. Absolutely awsome

  4. I remember seeing these blocks at one of the guild meetings and wondering what could possibly be done with them. I am truly amazed at how they have turned into a very unique Vintage Quilt.

  5. This quilt is amazing! Beautiful job on the quilting. It just goes to show how someone else's castoffs can turn into a treasure.