Friday, May 20, 2011

Happy Anniversary!

This is Maxine's quilt made from the fabric collection called 'Lily and Will' by Moda. She used the Hopscotch pattern and I quilted it with my Flourish pantograph.   I seem to be rediscovering some of the original pantos I bought when I first started two and a half years ago.  I also just placed an order for 6 new pantos...the result of reading too many blogs and getting inspired by what I see.

Oh you may be wondering why I titled this post "Happy Annivesary"...well it is our Wedding Anniversary today.  Tim and I have been married 16 years (and together for 20 years).
Happy Anniversary Tim!!
He is my best friend and my handyman!
He also is very supportive of my quilting addiction!

We are redoing our bathroom right now, ripped everything out and are starting from scratch, and Tim was installing our new vent fan for the bathroom ceiling when I surprised him and snapped this picture.
I asked Andrew to take a shot of us (since I am usually behind the camera)....I love how Daniel always makes his way between us whenever he can.


  1. Happy Anniversary to you both and all the best wishes!!

    Greetings from Germany, Inka

    P.S.: There are soo many beautiful pantos that I have trouble choosing just a few ones ;). How many pantos do you have?

  2. Happy Happy Happy Anniversary!!! Woo-hoo!! :-) That's a wonderful picture!!

    Love the quilting too!! That's a really great pattern with a lot of movement!!

  3. The Flourish pantograph was perfect for that quilt!

  4. Happy Anniversary, Kathy and Tim. I hope your day is wonderful and future years are as blessed as the last 20 have been. What an anniversary present---a new bathroom. A

  5. Happy anniversary, Kathy and Tim! What until you are married 45 years like I am.... all of our best wishes. The last two quilts are so pretty. I love, love, black and white quilts, and I do like the combination of pink and brown. So easy to place orders "just looking" online, but it is fun and we DO need to add to our collections sometimes. C

  6. So many beautiful quilts you have made ​​and your quilting is so beautiful ..
    Lots of great colors in the rugs is it too ..
    Wish you a nice day ..

  7. Congratulations on your Anniversary!