Monday, May 23, 2011

Mystery #4

This is Lynn's Mystery quilt and she used beautiful beige and pink batik fabrics!  She asked for an edge to edge design in the centre and custom borders.  I did a large free hand swirl in the outer border to match the print on the fabric

I have been purchasing new pantos and was excited to use a new one on Lynn's quilt.  This panto is called Taro by Urban Elementz and I used King Tut thread. 

This weekend we bought some wicker furniture for my new veranda that Tim built onto my Shack last fall so I had a bit of fun taking pictures of Lynn's quilt in there.

When we put the set in the veranda I went into the Shack to look for a few quilts to lay on the chairs to add some colour.  I found these two quilts of mine that were just folded up on my shelf so they now have a new home.  Putting the quilts out here has made my decision to paint the door a new colour easier, I am getting tired of the green but didn't know what colour to go with until now.  I'll take pictures when it is painted!


  1. oh Lynn's quilt is so pretty! your quilting is perfect on it.
    your veranda decorating looks so inviting.

  2. I especially like the straight lines you did in the inner border of Lynn's quilt. It really defines the two areas of the quilt.

  3. Quilting is perfect! Complimented the quilt perfectly! Live your new wicker furniture!