Monday, May 30, 2011


If your going to do this....'ll end up with THIS!!!!

One week in my veranda and it has faded this much from the morning sun!!  I was shocked.  I know the sun can do a lot of damage to fabric but that much in one week.   And the worst part is the blue is my own hand dyed fabric! 
 *head hits desk* 

Since the damage is already done I might as well just keep rotating this quilt on the chair until it is all faded!
When will I ever learn!


  1. What a shame it has faded, the sun makes a lot of damage in the summer. It is best and keep the quilt in the shadow .. Have a nice day ..

  2. Think positive.It's sun-kissed!:)

  3. Happened so fast!! I'm surprised! Well rotating sounds like a good idea. :-) still is a gorgeous quilt!

  4. You never know after rotating it you may end up with such a unique one of a kind quilt that everyone will try to duplicate!