Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Cobblestone Road

This is our guild's next Christmas Craft Sale raffle quilt and the pattern is called Cobblestone Road by Cozy Quilt Designs. If you want to read about a fantastic way to raise money for your guild you can check out my post here where I share the secrets to our guilds best fundraiser.

 I can't remember the name of the fabric collection used in this quilt but it has a retro Christmas feel to it.
I used Starlight for the panto, Quilter's Dream Poly Black batting and So Fine black thread.

As I was taking these pictures this morning I could hear a familiar Fall sound over head...look who's heading south already!

Another sign that summer is almost over is my fruit trees are almost ready for picking.  Three years ago after my dad passed away my quilting friends took up a collection and told me to buy something for my yard to remember my dad.  Well I knew right away what I would buy....an apple and a plum tree as that is what my dad loved in his yard. Since we have very short summers I was not expecting to get any fruit but just enjoyed seeing these trees bloom in the spring with hopes that one day I might get some fruit.  Well this year is the first year they have produced and I have 6 apples and about 30 plums :)

They are not quite ready to pick but I might take a few off just in case a bear wanders by and decides he wants to eat them first!

Thank you to my quilting friends for this wonderful gift!


  1. I sit ok to comment on your tree istead of the quilting (which is great - as usual) - that tree needs some cutting done, I know it hurts, but the first 5-10 years are the most important, lovingly careingly cutting it. (sorry my gardener-self is taking over) Those apples look really delicous all red and frim, yumm...

  2. The fruit looks delicious, who gets the first bite, or are they going into a pie? I love the cobblestone quilt and panto, but then all of your quilts are lovely. C

  3. OHH Kath, again your photography is beautiful. Waiting for a tutorial from you on photographing quilts. I love that you were able to get the quilting pattern to show on the black section as it seems that it is black thread on black fabric. The quilt is really sweet too.

  4. What a lovely way to remember your dad. It must make you smile and think of him when you look at these fruit trees.
    Love the photo of the geese! We've seen them gathering and flying for about 2 weeks now. There is a field of harvested wheat close by and this morning there were several hundred geese there just fattening up for the flight. They are just so beautiful, and I think that's why I really love the flying geese pattern.
    I see you are very Blissful lately! Lol! That panto is perfect, you must be so pleased.
    Boys back to school next week! You'll miss them......well, at least for an hour before you head out to your studio!! Lol!