Thursday, August 16, 2012

Upgrade and Discovery

I am keeping up with the Just Takes Two mystery and have finished the August 1st to start the August 15th ones!

So my Bliss upgrade arrived yesterday and to my disappointment one of the items was damaged during shipping.  The boards for my new table top were warped so I contact APQS, the company that makes my machine, and they offered to send a replacement boards right away so that was great. 

We could still do the upgrade without the boards so the first challenge was to get the 12' long aluminum rails into the Shack. We thought we would have to take the screen off the porch to get it though the door but Tim though we could save some work and just get it in through the window. Worked very well.  New rails in, old rails out.  Changing over to the new rails and carriage took 2 1/2 hours, so not to bad.

I put a practice piece of fabric on the machine to practice some free hand quilting and WOW what a huge difference in how it moves, it needs such a light touch now. LOVE IT!  

I just loaded my Tumbler quilt so I will see how I do with a panto design. 

 I also want to share with you something I learnt about my machine during all this.   I have had my machine almost 4 years and never knew it had a black light.  See the tiny toggle switch just above the LED lights....switch it to one side you have the regular LED lights on, switch it to the center and lights are off, switch it to the other side and voila you have a black light!   I had no idea it was there all this time so I am wondering if I am the only Millennium owner that didn't know it was there?


  1. How awesome for you!! I can't wait to see what comes out of the Shack after the Bliss rails are installed!!! Enjoy...

  2. here's a funny thing...i'm not a millenium owner, but i have a freedom. and i knew there was a black light, but for the life of me i couldn't remember how to turn it on. so, thank you kathy, for showing me!

  3. What's the benefit of having a black light?

  4. Gee, and I thought I was the only one who didn't know! Gretchen my rep told me two weeks ago about the black light I had know idea!! Can't wait to see how you make out with your panto, I am sure it will come out great!

  5. My Millennium is so old it doesn't have a nifty black light.

  6. Hi Katthy, is the bliss a new rail system?