Friday, August 3, 2012

Just Takes Two Update

I have really been slacking on my Just Takes Two blocks and was 4 units behind when I got back from my holiday. They post a new unit on the 1st and 15th of each month.  But Lori gave me a little nudge with her blog post here showing all her blocks done and they looked so good. She told me not to give up on it so I got to work this week and now am almost caught up...well that was until Wed when unit 15 came out!  Haven't looked at that one yet, I want to feel caught up for at least a few days :)

The top photo is of all my completed blocks so far and the photo below is of section B.   I have 54 of the 56 blocks done, there are two that are hand pieced that I am really not looking forward to doing.

Here is Section A...hope I find the motivation to tackle those hand pieced blocks so I can fill in the holes in the layout.


  1. Take 2 blocks look awesome all together!!

  2. Wow - this is really neat. I love that little plane. :) Now that you have shots of almost everything done and together, you just *can't* leave off the last two. It's too cool to not finish. :D

  3. Keep going! I can't wait to see this finished up. It looks wonderful so far!

  4. Only two blocks! That's nothing compared to what you already have done. Think of the satisfaction you'll feel when it's all finished and you have another beautiful quilt.

  5. This looks so great! Looking forward to see how you are going to play with this in your longarm :o)
    Have a great new week,