Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Barrels of Fun


This is Val’s Barrels of Fun quilt and the fabric collection is called Monkey Around, it full of cute sock monkey images.   The pattern can be found in Spring/Summer 2013 issue of Simple Quilts & Sewing.    I used the panto Flirtatious as they look like little bananas!

sock2 sock3 sock4

Val brought a very nice chocolate Minkie Dots, the real stuff, and it worked beautifully on the back of this quilt.


We have been getting a lot of snow and yesterday morning there was a break in the clouds so I quickly shovelled and swept off the rink to get a few pictures.  It is now all covered up again and the forecast is for snow for the next two days. I’m been making progress on my Metro Hoops, I have 12 block made so far so over half way there!

I thought this post would be a good opportunity to share this cute picture of my nephew.    My friend Robin makes the cutest Sock Monkey hats and I bought one from her to give to my nephew for his first birthday.  So cute!



  1. Lovely quilt. You can keep your snow in Canada. I think we have had enough in the midwestern US for the whole year.

  2. Adorable hat...and kid! You are getting your exercise taken care of with all the snow shoveling!

  3. Who could resist that sweet little face! :-)

  4. That hat is so cute! And your nephew obviously loves it too. He's a real cutie too.