Friday, January 10, 2014

Island Sunrise #9

This is Yvonne’s Island Sunrise quilt done in batik fall colors. This is the ninth one I have quilted since our guild held a Judy Niemeyer workshop for this pattern back in September 2012.  I quilted free hand swirls in the outer border and in the background of the curved blocks.  I SID around all the circles and spikes and used medium brown So Fine thread.   We are enjoying a break in the cold weather with a high of –7’c today…  feels like we are having a heat wave!  
sun2 sun3 sun4 sun5
Tomorrow our guild is having a UFO day and since I do not have any UFO’s I’ll have to start a project so I have a UFO by the end of the day!  This is what I’ll be playing with, the fabric collection is called Sunnyside and I’ll share what pattern I’m making once I have a few blocks made.


  1. Sunnyside is a lovely collection. I am waiting in anticipation to see what pattern you will be using. Will it be a new Highway 10 Designs pattern?

  2. Очень красивое одеяло!

  3. No Ufo' was a shock to read this. LOL.

  4. You seriously don't have ANY UFOs? Not even ones you don't want to admit to? Wow.

    Is it tricky to quilt these Judy Niemeyer quilts? I am making Prairie Star, which has similar units to these, and I have noticed that there is a great deal of bulk where several of the points come together at the base. I worry that the quilter may break a needle!

  5. Kathy: Beautiful quilting! And awesome photos. Isn't it nice to take photos without the metal parts on the
    camera freezing to yer mittens :)
    Did you enjoy your day of quilt at the UFO day? I hope there are photos of the new blocks and quilt.