Friday, January 31, 2014

Midnight Sun


This is Marg and Barbs Midnight Sun quilt, the pattern can be found in the Nov/Dec 2008 issue of Love of Quilting magazine.  I wasn’t sure who to give credit too as Barb bought the fabric to make her son this quilt and paid for the quilting but her mom Marg pieced it.  Barb said she was going to get around to making it one day but her mom beat her too it.  Yeah we believe you Barb!  :)   I have quilted one of these before, you can see Blanche’s version here.    It was this quilt the sparked the idea for Barb to make it was the first quilt her son ever commented on that he liked.  He was even allowed some input on the fabric as he like bold bright colors.    With this pattern you end up with two quilts because of the angle you cut your strips and the color run the opposite direction giving the quilt a whole other look.  So there is a second top waiting for borders so once that one is done Barbs son gets to pick which one he prefers.


The quilt has Wool batting, the center is quilted with the Plush panto and I custom quilted the three borders.    Straight lines in the inner border, triple loops in the middle border and Echo Curves in the outer border.   I have a tutorial on how to do the Echo Curves here,  you can find all my  tutorials listed on my sidebar.


This quilt is 98” x98” so about the same size as my ice rink now!    The slush has been encroaching and this is the little bit of ice I have left.  I tried to walk out a small design in our bay but the snow is so deep and there is so much slush underneath that it made it very hard to walk.   So I gave up on that idea.


I wanted to get a good straight on shot and use my outdoor hanging system but the only way to get a picture was to dig a path to the bench I stand on when I take these pictures.  Here is my bench back in November after our first snow fall and here is it now, completely buried under snow!

November 2013


January 2014


Definitely earned another bag of Mars Pods for that shovel task!  But here are the pictures that made all the work worthwhile.


The colors in this quilt remind me of Fire and Ice!


  1. Great job ladies! It is a really stunning quilt.

  2. Absolutely Gorgeous, and yes you do deserve a treat for that shovelling.

  3. Aivan ihana peitto, uskomattoman hieno!

  4. Так ось де живе зима!!!! Позичте трохи снігу ;о)
    Гарна ковдра!

  5. It is beautiful. What a work out to get that fabulous shot! You are a trouper!!

  6. Your buried bench photo gave me a good chuckle this morning, Kathy, thank you! LOL.

    It's a beautiful quilt, and I really like the panto in the centre with the custom border. It's the perfect touch!

  7. Wow! Yeah - definitely a fire and ice quilt - the colors are stunning. You get all the chocolate you want after that shovel job!

  8. Wow, this is an incredibly beautiful quilt. I just love that color combination! I am curious--you keep talking about slush. That doesn't mean the ice is melting, does it? Walking on frozen lakes just sounds so dangerous!

  9. Awesome quilt! Such movement and the quilting is perfect for it. How do you get your circles so nice and round in that middle border? They're perfect!

  10. Absolutely amazing!!!! Love the colors!!!

  11. Gorgeous! It looks so much like stain glass! I should start book marking all of the quilts I see on your blog that I want to try "some day".

  12. You just got me into trouble! LOL! I had to find that magazine and order it, because I need to make those quilts! (Snicker)