Thursday, January 16, 2014

Tie the Knot Quilt



This is Melba’s Tie the Knot quilt and she used men’s neckties for the strip piecing.   This pattern can be found in Fons & Porter’s Love of Quilting  magazine Nov/Dec 2012 issue.  She wanted very simple open quilting so I used Fascination for the panto design.  She brought a Poly batt to keep the quilt light as the top was already quite heavy as the ties have some weight to them and are sewn onto a muslin foundation.

melba melba2 melba3

You might have noticed that the snow banks are higher in these pictures than in my last post.   We had some interesting weather yesterday and this was my view this morning...


Wednesday started out with heavy snowfall and –20’c then the wind picked up and by noon it was +1’c.  The snow turned to rain for only a short time then the temperature dropped again, but the wind was crazy.  As you can see my ice rink filled in with about a foot of hard packed snow.  I spent the morning digging it out and I was sad to see that part of the old rink had already turned to slush near the dock.   So I’m now calling it the Incredible Shrinking Rink.


  This is how much snow we have on the ground now!

snow depth

You know it’s going to be a long winter when you start measure snowfall in ‘broom handles’!


  1. Lovely quilt and quilting! I always enjoy your pictures. I don't think I would last long there in all that snow.

  2. Come, stay with me in California! It's unseasonably warm here! (A little scary too, we're looking at a drought)
    That quilt is gorgeous!

  3. Beautiful quilt and snow-we are pegging 80 degree days everyday this week in San Diego County. Not bragging-we are yearning for something that feels like at least fall.

  4. As a new longarm owner I really appreciate you always naming the panto you use. Makes it easy for us newbies to know which ones to buy! I'm in Southern Ontario and while we don't have your snow quantity, we have more than I like!

  5. always love the pictures (the quilt is great) and shake my head at the amount of snow you get....and shovel!

  6. Absolutely fabulous quilt and quilting really sets it off.

  7. Kathy: Are there any differences in quilting 100% cotton fabric and silk tie quilts? Do you have to be
    careful of the different weaves of the ties when quilting? What thread did you use for this tie quilt?
    Bummer about the sushy rink. Will it freeze up next week when we are back in cooler temperatures

  8. Lovely tie quilt. Your quilting really is frosting on the cake. Thank you for sharing. I'm working on one myself using the same pattern. My ties from an ebay seller were well used so I threw them in a gentle wash and then deconstructed. Now I'm in the process of pressing each with lots of starch.
    Oh, my that's a lot of snow and really cold temps. We are enjoying mild weather and lots of sun with 65 to 70 degree daily temps.

  9. So lovely! :)
    Greetings from Finland!
    Hugs, Ulla