Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Catch a Christmas Star Quilt #2


This is Rae’s Catch a Christmas Star quilt by Bunny Hill Designs and you may remember that I quilted one like this two years ago that belonged to a different Raye!  You can see that one here.   I used some of the same quilting designs but changed the style up so they won’t be the same.  I did an open feather in the outer border, curls in the inner border, and CC’s in the small squares. I used loops, swirls and wavy lines in the background of the appliqué blocks and stitch in the ditch around all the applique.  I used 4 different thread colours, all So Fine.  Batting is Quilters Dream Blend.


I took pictures out on the lake this morning and it was nice to not have to fight with the wind so have lots of pictures to share.


Rae hand stitched the applique pieces with a button hole stitch. 


I shovelled off the ice and then swept it so in a few days, if we do not get any more snow, the ice should be nice and clear again.  I love all the cracks that are starting to show up, they make beautiful designs in the ice.



  1. A beautiful quilt and beautiful quilting - you've sure added to my holiday spirit, Kathy! Lovely to see - cannot BELIEVE how much ice you've got already!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous piecing and quilting!

  3. So perfect for the season!!!! Lovely finish!!!!!!

  4. As always, you did such a nice job on this, Kathy :D And the ice! Such a treat to see it as it evolves for the season.

  5. Love this quilt, and your quilting is perfect for it! I saw a picture of one a couple of years ago and got an idea to make one of my own. I love snowmen and horses and came up with the idea to combine both into a similar layout. It's in the WIP pile, and I really must get back to it!