Friday, December 12, 2014

New Round Robin Started


Last  year I did a Round Robin with Lori, Desley and Bronwyn and you can see the final results of that project here.   Since we were all really happy with our final quilt top we decided to do this again but this time Desley and Bronwyn made the rules.  This time we are using a point system and different sized blocks are assigned different points.  For Round One we had to make 9 to 12 points worth of blocks using a consistent fabric in some or all of the blocks.  The consistent fabric gets mailed with the blocks each round so there is continuity in all the blocks. 

Here are my blocks and my fabric. 


Here is Lori’s blocks and her fabric.


Here are Bronwyn’s blocks and fabric.


And Desley’s blocks and fabrics.


We are having unseasonably warm weather this week and it got up to +2’c yesterday and will be the same today.  The down side is it has affected my ice and it is no longer clear but looks like frosted glass!  


I’m not sure if I’m happy or sad about this.  Maybe it will clear up over time again.



So since it has been warm I’ve been playing out in the snow again!  I love winter!!

snow circles4snow circlessnow circles2


  1. My husband and I are sitting in our Paris apartment having a glass of wine...I shared your photos with him. He wants to know if you used a snow machine to make the circles in the snow...HA! I bet you used a good old-fashioned snow shovel. I also pointed out the colored snow ball on your deck railing...he really like it! More ideas for when we spend a winter in Alaska again! Of course your batik fabric is my favorite of the group...very fun to see you are doing this round-robin again.

  2. and I'm thinking you just used your boots to tramp down that we need to know how you did it Kathy! I'm impresesd you could keep your circles so round.

    looks like a fun round robin with your quilts

    1. Yes your right Michelle, I just used my boots and walked it out. I kind of shuffled along to make the trail behind me.

  3. What a canvas! The quilter in you comes out in so many interesting ways. You can really super size your swirls. I sure hope there are a few bewildered snow machine drivers who avoid your area of the bay. Your swirls are much prettier than the crisscrossed tracks of snow machines.

  4. Lovely designs in the snow. I love all your wonderful blocks!

  5. I live in Victoria BC now but grew up in Northern BC where we actually had snow in the jealous right now with seeing photos of your "snow quilting" and beautiful ice!

  6. What a great way to get a workout in! Hah! Very nice!

  7. Your circles are very cool. Your ice looks like it could be arborite and not ice at all. Have a great weekend.

  8. Love your ice, I can visualize that on fabric so easily! A new Spoonflower fabric perhaps? Small planes flying overhead must love your lake too! Canadian crop circles!!!

  9. oooo - Kathy! Your ice is so COOL looking right now, and I LOVE your snow mosaic! And, "OK - yep!" I'm officially jealous of the Round Robins. ;D

  10. Beautiful blocks and how fun to play in the snow like that! I made circles 2 years ago in our yard!

  11. Kathy - I just love what you do! I see from your comment that you "walk" these circles out, but how on earth do you get such perfect circles? Or is that just your quilting prowess coming thru? I bet your neighbours love to see your lakefront! And I think your round robin is going to be another great success, if your initial blocks are any indication. Good job!

  12. Oh, oh - crop circles... Must be intergalactic aliens!