Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Day Break Quilt


I’m so excited to share this quilt with you as it was so much fun to quilt!  It belongs to Lynn and the pattern is called Day Break by Jaybird Designs.   She used a line of fabric called Shimmer and the background fabric is a linen/cotton blend.  Lynn said she like how Angela Walters quilted one using the same fabrics so I used that as my inspiration, you can see that quilt here on Jaybirds site.   I spent a bit of time thinking how I wanted to quilt this one and knew I that I wanted to make the hexagon and star shapes the focus so I echoed around those.  I like to work within seam lines instead of working across them for the most part so that helped me define my quilting designs.  I decided to use three different designs in the star fabrics and in the outer border of each hexagon as that way the same design would never touch. The rest of the designs I kept the same on each block to create continuity in the piece.   Lynn will be using this a wall hanging but didn’t want it quilted to heavy. 


Here are some close ups of the quilting designs.  I did l’s in one star with matching l’s and e’s in the outer border, feathers in the second star with a feather curl in that outer border and a simple triangle in the third with loops in the outer border.  All the blocks have the same overlapping CC design in the center and straight lines radiating from the background.  I think it turned out to be a nice blend of curves and lines.  Lots of ruler work and stops and starts but it didn’t take to long to complete, only two full days of quilting!


Look at that pretty ice!  It is warming up to 0’c today so I’m panicking that it will ruin my ice!  It is suppose to warm up to +3’ on Friday!!  I think I’m the only one not happy about that!


Picture of the backing which is the same linen/cotton blend fabric that is the on the top.


I used a beige So Fine thread for the top, beige Bottom Line on the back and Quilters Dream Blend batting.


I am now finished my clients quilt for the year!  I have a few of my own quilts to finish and one being a Day Break quilt but in batiks. I think I’ll work on that one first and don’t be surprised if I quilt it the same or very similar to this one!



  1. Wonderful job, Kathy. Lynn will be very pleased.

  2. The quilt is so beautiful with the calming, harmonic color choices. And your quilting accentuates the patchwork just perfectly :)

  3. Wow, beautiful pattern and colours! It looks so traditional yet contemporary at the same time, I love it.

    I've been reading your blog for awhile and I really like your quilting 'style'. You seem to be one of the few longarm quilters out there that respects the quilt by allowing the fabric and grid structure to be the main features, and doesn't load up the surface with so much quilting that the quilt loses it's soft drapability. Thanks for sharing your pictures! Your blog is inspiring.

  4. Fantastic quilting--i think I like it better than the original! :)

  5. This is such a lovely quilt! And as always your quilting makes it even more beautiful.

  6. Outstanding! The quilting definitely takes it over the top!

  7. It's a gorgeous quilt! I like the way you have quilted to make each star unique and the hexagon block really defined. Really spectacular!

  8. Love this quilt - when I saw the post title, I was expecting something with lots of yellows and oranges - day break colours. The colours chosen are just lovely. I particularly like the l and e quilting you did in some of the stars. It really makes them look like their bursting with light.

  9. Kathy, you do such beautiful work on all the quilts, but this one is absolutely stunning!

  10. Your work is always gorgeous, but this one is stunning!! You have made the pattern just pop! And the ice looks like art too :) we are currently at 32 C here is Queensland, so looking at your ice is a nice break from heat and humidity :).

  11. Beautiful design choices Kathy! Love the fabrics Lynn. You are a great team!

  12. Wow. It is really gorgeous and I can't wait to see how you quilt yours.