Thursday, October 6, 2016

Good Vibrations–Pattern Number 8

Lori and I have been working on new patterns this summer for Highway 10 Designs and today we published Good Vibrations in our Etsy shop. Both paper and instant PDF download are available.    This quilt pattern used 5” strips and is a great way to use a Cantik GemFive Strip set or a Robert Kaufmann Charm Roll.  It can also be a great stash buster as you use 5” WOF strips, 20 for the small size and 40 for the large.    Our patterns are now available through Checker Distributors and we are working on getting them in with a few Canadian distributors as well.
GV Cover pic
Our cover quilt is made with two Nunavut GemFive bundles which are a selection of light beige and dark brown batiks.  I love the striking contrast of this bundle and creates a random chevron pattern across the quilt.  Lori quilted this sample and used Ebb and Flow for the pantograph.

We used a brown/grey Stonehenge wide backing that matched perfectly!

We also made the smaller version using one Great Lakes GemFive bundle.  The colors in this one blend more and create a random design across the quilt.   I quilted this one with Bora Bora.

And I have one more sample to share, my Stash Busting sample.  I went through my batik stash and pulled purples, teals and beige and cut 5” strips.   I’m really happy with how it turned out and I quilted it with the Northwinds pantograph.

The view out my window is very different today, we have been getting snow/rain/ice pleats for the last 3 day and it is suppose to continue until Saturday.  If this was November 6 I would be happy but it’s only October 6!

We still have leaves on the Poplars and the needles were just turning yellow on the Tamaracks.
I will have to try to shake this little tamarack off and hope it survives!    No school bus today and school was cancelled….this rarely happens here!

I know some of your are happy to see this but I really hope it all melts and I get a few more weeks of autumn!


  1. The weather sucks here too (central Sask.). Also desperately hoping for a few more weeks of fall. It's much too early for winter!

  2. Congratulations on this quilt pattern. I like all three quilts, but I especially like the third one! We got a skiff of snow here last night, but it has already melted today.

  3. This pattern looks great! I love the different versions you made. I can't believe how much snow you have. That's just crazy early to get that much.

  4. Looks great. LOVE the snow scenery! :-)

  5. Prachtige quilts hebben jullie gemaakt.
    En die sneeuw, ik word jaloers, sneeuw verven!

  6. I also love this pattern and the fabrics you have used. I have just read that Cantik collections are on sale locally. I will look for them today.
    We have not had a frost yet in Southern Ontario, which is really rare, since it is early October and the first frost usually arrives during the first week of September.

  7. Great pattern. Love the third one as well. I can't believe you have SNOW already!! I live in Ontario (near Kingston) and we are having great fall weather. At least we aren't getting the hurricane weather. Yikes!!

  8. Wow...Yucky weather but a gorgeous new pattern!!! It was such a treat to visit your blog today. I'm so thankful we have yet to see any white stuff...

  9. I love your new pattern. Oh, the poor little tamarack! I'm sorry you've gotten the white stuff so early and I hope for your sake it melts and you can enjoy a little more fall time. But, it sure looks pretty in your pictures!

  10. I'm late to the news but congrats on the new pattern. It looks great.