Monday, November 26, 2012

Arabella Quilt


This is Robin’s Arabella qult and you can find this pattern free to download here.


I was excited to try a new panto called Sweet Pea by Urban Elementz.   The fabrics in this quilt have a leaf theme so I knew I wanted to quilt it with a leaf design, also I knew Robin likes leaves!    It was a bit tricky to quilt out as I had to focus really hard in remembering which side of the curls I was quilting so I didn’t follow the same line back out of the curl.   But after a few rows I found my groove.


The backing was a dark brown paisley design.


There is now about 8” of inch of ice so very safe to walk on.  As Tim and I were shovelling off the rink the ice was talking to us with soft cracking and popping sounds. I think a normal person would probably run for shore but when your use to hearing the loud echoing sounds of the ice cracking at night,even when your in the house, you become use to this sound!   The sound is just expansion as the lake builds ice.  

But when I’m standing out there and hear the cracking sounds under my feet it definitely gives me a bit of an adrenaline rush ….so I just shovel faster.    ;)

ice rink


  1. Okay, Kathy, one crack of the ice and I would be heading for the hills! Sheeesh! Lol! Love your leaf panto, so pretty and beautifully done, as usual! :-D

  2. Absolutely love the quilting choice for this beautiful quilt! And though I am not a skater, I can appreciate the pleasure of having your own rink close at hand! One of these years I will tie the blades on and try again - if I had these gorgeous surroundings to enjoy, no doubt I would get to it a bit quicker. Enjoy!

  3. Beautiful quilting , really suits the fabrics in the quilt which is gorgeous! Nothing nicer than skating on an outdoor rink and on a lake is even better .

  4. Beautiful quilt Robin & Kathy! I remember seeing that one in the fabric picking stage at The Toad. Beautiful!

  5. So much winter for you already! I just found you and had to check to see where you were located - so far north from me - here we still have fall leaves on some of the trees.
    Beautiful quilt!

  6. The quilt is beautiful. Thanks too for telling us about the snow/ ice rink right where you live. It sounds a beautiful place to be in.

  7. Hi Kathy! I just love the panto and it looks great on the quilt. I can't believe how much snow you have all ready, look so pretty!