Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Mystery Quilt #16


This is Shelly’s Mystery Quilt that was our guilds 2011 Mystery project and the 16 means that’s how many I have quilted for guild members so far. I wonder how many are still out there waiting to be finished or quilted??   Only two more months until I present the next Mystery project at our guild and this time Lori and I designed the project ourselves so are very excited to share it at our respective guilds in January. It will be sad to not have Lori there to present it with me now that she has moved away but it will be fun to share a project with another guild.


Shelly said I could pick the quilting design so I chose the panto Plush as I like the spiky swirl on the stars and it is the right scale of a design for the size of the stars.   I like a quilting design to be in proportion with the piecing. 

I used a golden yellow So Fine thread on top and a yellow Bottom Line thread on the backing.



  1. Oh I love how you quilted this. I just ordered that panto yesterday so I was glad to see it quilted up. So very pretty.

  2. Gorgeous as always :-) Like the panto, it made the quilt sparkle :-)

  3. I am slowly catching up on my blog reading - loving all of your quilts! But this quilt pattern is very striking!! Nice job