Monday, November 19, 2012

Feathered Fleece and the Hulk!

I quilted two quilts for Sandra this past week.  The first one is this Feathered fleece that will be a baby gift for the newest member of her family.    I really enjoy quilting on fleece and they make great gifts!  I have a tutorial on how to feather fleece here if you would like to see how it is done.

The second quilt is a Hulk quilt that she made for her grandson who is crazy about the Hulk and other Superhero's.  She found fabrics that have great vibrant images of the Superheroes and the green sashing really shows off the fabrics nicely.

   I used the panto design Fascination as it is an open design that will make this quilt soft and cuddly!

Sandra asked me to dye a green backing for this one and I had some white flannel on hand so suggested using  flannel and she loved that idea.

Her grandson is going to love this quilt!


I also wanted to mention that Blogathon Canada has started today and if you would like to visit other Canadian blogs just clink on the button on my sidebar to get you started.


  1. Your fleece blankets are awesome! I know they stretch so much when working with them, you have that special touch. The boy's quilt is so nicely done. C

  2. That fleece looks so soft! I love a soft backing on a quilt. The blackets looks great! Your snow dyeing looks so fun!

  3. thanks for sharing.