Monday, November 5, 2012

Sunday Sewing

JT2 Oct 15
On Sunday I had time to work on my Just Takes Two blocks and completed Oct 15 set so I’m only two weeks behind now.  I have been working on some beautiful quilts but can’t share pictures until the beginning of December as they are gifts.

It has been pretty dreary here and we have only had a few brief appearances of the sun in the last month!  I really prefer cold and sunny to cool and cloudy any day.  So yesterday I decided to venture outside for some fresh air and watched the birds at our feeder.   Got a few picture of the chickadee’s and a pair of Pine Grosbeaks.  The male is the red one and the female yellow.



  1. I really love these blocks! Fabulous.

  2. These blocks are just wonderful!!

  3. Your blocks are great. Cann't wait to see the finished quilt and look forward to seeing your Christmas quilts.