Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Retreat Projects


I did manage to make some progress on a few UFO’s at our guilds retreat on the weekend.  The first project was a Ragtime quilt that I had cut out using my GO cutter last spring.   The flannels have a winter theme with snowflakes and mitts and will look great on my couch all winter.   This UFO was taking up a lot of space in my fabric bins so it was good cleaning those out.  I was able to quilt all the blocks at the retreat but then put it away to work on another project.  When I got home I knew I couldn’t just put the blocks back in the bins so on Sunday I got to work piecing the quilt together and it is now DONE!   I love that all the fringes are done with the GO cutter, that is such a time saver.



My other UFO project was my Scrappy Jewel Box blocks that were given to me by my guild members when my term as President was over.  You can read about this quilt here.    I was able to finished this quilt top…what do you think?

Jewel box1

Well to be honest …I love how the center looks and the inner navy border but am disappointed in my other two border choices.    I’m picking them off tomorrow!  It needs a much darker outer border as the second and third borders just blend together too much and when I laid it on my bed the borders just didn’t look right.   So now I’m on a mission to find new fabrics for the borders and that’s not easy when the nearest quilt shop 150km away.  I’m thinking a dark navy with a pop of bright colors in it for the outer border.  I was hoping to quilt this one in December but it will now have to wait until my border issues are solved.  I don’t want to rush with this quilt as it is very special to me and I want to finish it right.

Jewel box2

Now on another subject, the bay finally froze over yesterday at it was getting down to –15’c at night.  It has been slowly freezing in sections and you can see the layers in the photos how the older ice is whiter and the newer ice clearer.  I’m hoping the clear sections stay clear so I can start using the ice as a backdrop again for my pictures. But don’t worry it will be a few weeks before I venture out there :)

ice4ice3 ice2


  1. Oh, I love those borders with the jewel center! But that's just me looking at the quilt for itself alone. If it doesn't look right on your bed, then that's important to fix. :)

  2. Gorgeous quilt Kathy. I'm with you on changing the borders so look forward to what you choose.
    We are going into summer so seeing the frozen lake is not inviting!!

  3. Love the photos of the lake. How do you know when it is safe to walk out on it?

  4. Both quilts turned out great! Looks like it's colder over there than here now. We've had rain and temperatures just above 0 for some days.
    Wish you a great day.

  5. You know -if you separated the second and third outer borders with another narrow strip of the navy it may not look too bad at all, especially if you made the navy the binding

  6. I ran across the photo of your rag quilt on Pinterest and I just love it. I am wondering do you have flannel on the front and back and then did you sandwich any fabric in the middle?