Saturday, November 17, 2012

First Snow Dyeing of the Season

Yes it is that time of year again…..Snow Dyeing time!!   We don’t have a lot of snow yet but I did manage to scrap up enough to dye the backing for my Island Sunrise quilt.  Can you believe I used Brown and Navy and a tiny bit of purple for this piece!!  It’s always a surprise what you get…but usually the result has a purple tone when you mix a lot of colors.
When I dye backings I always piece the white fabric first then dye the whole piece so the textures blend across the seam line.  In this next picture you should be able to see the seam but it doesn’t stand out too much as the colors blend across it.   

If you are new to my blog and have never heard of snow dyeing I have explained the whole process in a post here

Even though it came out a very different color than I was hoping for….I was going for brown and blue, all the colors in the backing match all the lighter colors in the background fabric.  So I will still use this for my Island Sunrise quilt as this is a wall hanging so the back will never be seen.  It’s kinda a shame that this won’t be seen but will be a nice surprise if someone peeks at the back!


  1. Oh, my! That one turned out so gorgeous!

  2. Fabulous. So love your snow dying.

  3. Another beauty! Here's hoping we get lots of snow this year so I can give it a try. I absolutely love the affect. I surely never would have expected what you got with those colors.

  4. Purdy, purdy! What a professional job! I agree, a shame it won't be seen. Hope you had some left over to use in something else. Love it!