Monday, November 12, 2012

Bennington Quilt


This is Eileen quilt and the pattern is called Bennington. You can find this pattern on The Quilter Magazine website on there free projects page here.  You can also find it in The Quilter Magazine April/May 2012 issue.


I had the perfect Lava Thread color that was a variegation ecru to light brown that worked very well on the fabrics in this quilt.  I thought the fabric was Stonehenge at first but then asked Eileen what line it was and she said Marblehead by Ro Gregg. 


  We decided on Tickle for the panto design and used Quilters Dream Blend batting.


If you would like to see all the wonderful project that were being made at our guilds retreat this weekend you can visit the guild blog here.  I always leave our retreats with a new list of quilts I want to make, so much inspiration!!   I’ll share my retreat projects in my next post!


  1. Have fun at retreat! Sure do wish I could have gotten in on one this year, but Life is too crazy right now. I love this panto. It would be perfect for a little frog quilt top I need to finish up!

  2. It`s fabulous and love the quilting.spectacular!!

  3. Gorgeous quilting on a beautiful quilt!
    Wish you a great and creative day :-)

  4. Great quilting, my friend. Pretty colours in that quilt too, looks fab in the snow! We received about a foot of snow over the weekend. My motto is "If it's snowing, I'm sewing!" :-) Your retreat looks fabulous! How fun! Love all the photos of beautiful, creative women having such a fun time!