Thursday, November 8, 2012

Celestial Venetian Dreams


This is a guild comfort quilt and the pattern is Venetian Dreams.  I like to quilt a few comfort quilts for the guild each year for free as I like to do my share as a member and this year I did a grand total of 10 quilts for the guild so that feels good.


The fabrics have a celestial them so I thought I would try a new panto called Riptide by Patricia Ritter as the shapes look like crescent moons.



I was so excited to see the sunshine this morning even if it was for a brief time so could catch up on my quilt pictures.


This little Mink surprised me when I was sweeping the dock to great ready to take quilt pictures this morning.  He hung around and was running around on the ice and playing along the shoreline while I was taking pictures.



  1. Love the Venetian Dreams and the crescent moons, very cool! The fabrics look so rich. Cute Minky hanging out with you! Looks like he's giving you the eye for sweeping snow onto his head or something! LOL!

  2. How cute to have that visit from the mink!! Love that quilt.

  3. I always love your pictures. This quilt is beautiful and that panto was perfect.

  4. The crescent moons look nice. How nice, a mink, never seen any of those!

  5. The quilt looks wonderful, Kathy. Those brief hours of sunshine were a blessing weren't they? I wonder when we will get some more. A cute little friend to have a morning chat with. A

  6. Another great quilting job!! And I can't believe the ice has formed already. I guess I am still in denial that winter is coming. I love looking at your world and all the cool pics you take. The mink is spectacular!